100% Quality

Behind every Phalada Pure & Sure product that reaches your kitchen, there is a series of rigorous quality measures. We exhibit a no-compromising attitude towards quality and test every product for microbiological contamination and heavy metalsto ensure that no impurity reaches your table. We carry out various measures to test pesticide residue and chemical analysis. Backed by relevant test certificates, our state-of-the-art in house laboratory equips us to produce a wide array of Ayurvedic herbs in compliance with the API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India).

We always push our limits to follow the quality etiquettes of organic farming & guarantee you the purest of organic food.

Organic Farming

In the last few decades organic farming has become the catchword for healthy and sustainable farming methods. By replacing the chemical based fertilizers and pesticides, it inaugurated an era of health and well-being, enriching both lives and environment. Origins of organic farming can be traced back to the first quarter of twentieth century. The key principle of this farming method lies in keeping balance and maintaining harmony between human and the natural world.