Organic Framing

In the last few decades organic farming has become the catchword for healthy and sustainable farming methods. By replacing the chemical based fertilizers and pesticides, it inaugurated an era of health and well-being, enriching both lives and environment. Origins of organic farming can be traced back to the first quarter of twentieth century. The key principle of this farming method lies in maintaining harmony between human and the natural world.


An astonishing balance between man and nature as well as man and market sets the Phalada Agroteam apart. The driving force behind Pure & Sure is our resolution that our customers enjoy healthy flavours of nature while nature nourish and bloom. Through transparency and fairness towards both customers and farmers, we reap a harvest of quality and sustainability. Our careful engagement with the supply chain makes sure that no one is left behind, no balance is disturbed and no harmony is violated. Learning from the past, engaging with the present and caring for the future, we contribute towards the conservation and restoration of biodiversity.


Behind every PhaladaPure & Sure Product is a collective of farmers spread across India. In our aim to spread ethical and sustainable farming practices, we join hands with more than 500 farmers. Our network of farmers across India enables us to cultivate a wide range and variety of crops. Our farm groups are located in the Southern Indian state called Karnataka, in North India, on the plains of Uttar Pradesh as well as in the Himalayas. We provide our farmers with seeds and planting material and give them training in Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP). In addition, we encourage them to grow medicinal, aromatic and dye plants as intercrops, or to sustainably collect wild herbs that are already growing on their land.


Our farms and processing facility are certified to the following standards: NPOP, EEC (Europe), NOP (USA), JAS (Japan), Bio-Suisse (Switzerland), Demeter, Kosher and Forest Garden Programme (FGP). We are also in the process of applying for FairTrade and Bio-Equitable certification for some of our farms.


We have an agri-input division which works as our backbone. It offers farmers a range of 37 certified organic inputs such as vermicompost, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides. These inputs when combined with the on-farm inputs of farmers produce crops of international quality. The Phalada Pure & Sure products that reach your hands carry with them not just surety and purity, but a tale of collective efforts and tremendous measures.