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New Arrivals

  1. Organic Rava Idli Mix
    Rava Idli Mix
    250 Gms
    In stock
  2. Organic Rice Idli Mix
    Rice Idli Mix
    250 Gms
    In stock
  3. Organic Rice Dosa Mix
    Rice Dosa Mix
    250 Gms
    In stock
  4. Ragi + Wheat + Soya flour Combo
    Ragi + Wheat + Soya flour Combo
    3 Kg
    In stock
  5. Sugar + Wheat flour + Sun Flower Oil Combo
    Sugar + Wheat flour + Sun Flower Oil Combo
    2.464 Kg
    In stock

Most Selling Products

  1. Organic Ground Nut Oil
    Groundnut Oil
    1 LTR
    In stock
  2. Organic Castor Oil
    Castor Oil
    250 ML
    In stock
  3. Organic Wheat Flour
    Wheat Flour
    5 Kg
    In stock
  4. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    250 ML
    In stock
  5. Organic Coconut Milk
    Coconut Milk
    160 ML
    In stock
  6. Organic Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil
    500 ML
    In stock
  7. Organic Chili Powder HOT
    Chili Powder HOT
    100 Gms
    In stock
  8. Organic Semi Polished Rice
    Semi Polished Rice
    1 Kg
    In stock
Everday Food. Made Good

Purely Organic

We are Certified

Our farms and processing facility are certified to the following standards: NPOP, EEC (Europe), NOP (USA), JAS (Japan), Bio-Suisse (Switzerland), Demeter, Kosher and Forest Garden Programme (FGP). We are also in the process of applying for FairTrade and Bio-Equitable certification for some of our farms.

100% Quality

We take pride in making products that our customers feel good about nourishing their families. Our products stand for everything that’s healthy, sustainable, delicious and entirely free from things that can harm your family and all other living beings on our planet. In addition to being free from synthetic hormones, chemicals and pesticides, all our products undergo a series of tests where they are minutely monitored for microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticide residues.


With a strong presence in more than 15 states across India, our products are available in both online and offline distribution markets. You can buy Pure and Sure products online at our storefronts on Amazon India and BigBasket or shop in-store with our retail partners: Reliance Mart, Nature’s Basket, Max, Metro, Foodhall, Nilgiris, HyperCITY, and Foodworld.

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